Royal Ascot - Day 1

For the second year in a row, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge put in an appearance at the Royal Ascot, one of the Queen’s favorite events on the summer calendar. The Queen loves horses and gambling, just like her mother. It was said, last year, that the Queen specially requested that William and Kate make an appearance at Royal Ascot, which they did. In 2016, Kate wore an incredibly expensive white doily dress from Dolce & Gabbana – go here to see the photos of the £3,450 D&G dress, which had a below-the-knee skirt, a ruffle, a high neck, long sleeves and an awkward waist. It was awful and not worth that much.

So Kate decided to take a sartorial mulligan this year. She went for a “bespoke” (re: $$$$) Alexander McQueen dress in (you guessed it) white lace, with a high neck and long sleeves. How many long-sleeved lace dresses does Kate need? How many WHITE lace dresses does Kate need? What would have been the harm in repeating the fugly D&G white lace dress if the photos are going to look basically the same from the waist up? That being said, this dress really is so much better than last year’s. The skirt is much better, the waist isn’t as awkward and the whole thing doesn’t look as heavy and sister-wife-y as the D&G.

Kate absolutely gets in these style ruts though, right? She just gets it in her head that she can only wear the same shade of ugly blue, or she can only wear double-breasted coats, or she can only wear doilies, or she has to wear hairnets all the time, or she can only wear white lace to Royal Ascot. I would love for Kate to develop a newfound keenness for a proper stylist who can break her of some of these ruts.

Royal Ascot 2017

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.