Jada Pinkett Smith is starring in Girls Trip, along with Queen Latifah and Regina Hall. It’s out on July 21st and is a raunchy women’s comedy about a group of old friends going to New Orleans and getting wild. It looks predictable but at least we’re getting more comedies featuring and aimed at women. She has a new interview with Haute Living and when I skimmed it I didn’t think it was that interesting as it sounded like stuff we’ve already heard from Jada, that women need to stick together and that we need to support our friends. Then I read US Magazine’s story that Jada and Will Smith’s two children: Willow, 16, and Jaden, 18, had moved out of the mansion and raised my eyebrows. It sounds just like something Will and Jada would do, but that’s not quite what she said. She said that Willow and Jaden are away working, which would sound plausible if After Earth didn’t exist. How is Jaden still getting acting jobs? (Why am I asking? His dad is Will Smith.) Here’s more of her interview.

On female friends
“[Girls Trip] shows that when shit hits the fan, you’ve got your girls there that have your back and how important that is in life. You need to have women that understand your challenges and obstacles and can simply be there to support you.”

On supporting other women
“We talk a lot about how society treats us and men treat us, but we don’t focus enough on how we treat each other. Rather than fighting each other and pushing each other down, we need to be promoting each other! As far as female empowerment goes, it’d be nice to pay a bit more attention to that.”

On Jaden and Willow being away
“It’s funny,” she laughs, “they’re not around, but they are!” With Trey living five minutes away from Jada and Will, and the others traveling around for work, you can guarantee to find the children at the Smith home when they’re in town. When they’re not with her, she can expect a phone call from them. “I don’t even have time to miss them! Willow loves to call me every day, and even Jaden, when he’s away on set, still needs to see Will and I when he gets homesick,” she notes as the young star has been away filming Life in a Year up in Toronto.

[From Haute Living]

See that’s not so bad considering whom we’re discussing. These kids have done their own thing for years and they’re a bit older now. I hope Willow has some supervision when she’s away which is doubtful, but at least she calls her mom everyday. (I call mine every couple of days but I’ve been trying to remember to call her daily.) All the other stuff – about women being there for each other, that takes time. You have to keep in touch with your old friends, not just through facebook, and take the time and effort to know what’s going on in their lives. You have to be a good listener and not just focus on your own sh-t. Vacations with friends are nice as long as they’re about three to five days long. Anything longer than that and I need a break from the person. A trip like this would make me wonder why I bothered.

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