As we discussed the other day, Kim Kardashian is launching her own line of makeup, starting with “contouring creams” and ending with the apocalypse, probably. The makeup line isn’t something that will happen in some distant point in the future – when Kim confirmed her plans for a makeup line this week, she already had the thing up and ready to go. The whole thing goes down NEXT week. So, Kim is jumping ahead and already putting up some promotional images on her social media, like the above tweet. That comes from Kim’s personal Twitter account. And people were dragging her pretty hard, because jeez, has Kim been retouched with, like, digital blackface? Evidence:

The reason I’m calling this digital blackface is because that’s what I think it is – this is not a situation where Kim literally put on much darker makeup in an effort to appear to have darker skin. She wore regular makeup, took regular photos, and then the post-production on this image went haywire. They added shadows and darkened the entire pic.

According to The Wrap and NY Magazine, Kim first posted the “blackface” image, then deleted it, then reposted it and made the same photo her new avatar. And, like, no one on her staff said anything to her during that time? No one was like, “Hey, hold up, this image makes her skin look much darker than it is in reality”? Coming from a family with a long history of culture-vulturing black culture, black art and black commerce, this is unsurprising and yet it’s still noteworthy. I guess the Kardash-Jenners really don’t give a sh-t anymore.

Kim Kardashian attends the 2017 Forbes Women's Summit

Photos courtesy of WENN, Kim’s Twitter.