Maybe it’s gotten a new haircut? Banned some trolls?

You’ll be able to access your profile, additional accounts, settings, privacy, Twitter Moments, and Lists from the menu.

Twitter said in a blog post that the menu is meant to declutter the browsing experience on its iPhone app. The company had already introduced the menu to Twitter for Android last year, according to its blog post.

But not on the low-bandwidth version Twitter Lite or on the desktop site. In the past, you’d see updates to the count if you refreshed the page.

Previously, the Twitter app opened links in its own browser, which meant you would have to enter your usernames and passwords for any paywalled site (ahem, Wall Street Journal) that you visited via a Twitter link. Now, if you’re already logged into a site on Safari, you won’t have re-enter that information.

Twitter said in a statement that it changed the arrow symbol to a speech bubble in hopes of helping new users, especially first-timers, better understand the social network.

The company wrote that it changed its fonts to be more consistent, and added bolder headlines to “make it easier to focus on what’s happening.”

You turn Reader View on by clicking the lines to the left of the URL in Safari on iOS. Twitter said it made Reader View and stronger contrasts available to help people with visual impairments use its app.