This is Us goes into production for its second season next month, leaving star Milo Ventimiglia lots of time to talk about the show’s first season, which he does with People Entertainment Network’s Jess Cagle.

Milo, who hits the big 4-0 on July 8, has made no secret of the fact that he thoroughly enjoys playing one of America’s most beloved, yet flawed, TV Dads, but one thing continues to bother him. As he told Jess, “The number one comment I get is, ‘tell me how you died,’ which stung a little bit when I would first get that question.” He goes on to recall an encounter with a fan of the show the day after the season finale aired, who told Milo he was “bummed” that the cause of Jack’s demise was not revealed.

Milo recalled that he introduced himself to the fan and told him, “I want you to think about what you just said. You’re upset you didn’t see a man die. I’m that man. Think about that.” He understands that fans really do care about Jack, but recognizes that we live in a “need to know…NOW” society, acknowledging,

I get that it’s fresh because TV audiences are savvy. Especially in the world that we live in today — with social media and digital and internet — everybody wants all the information. They want it now.

I feel like this show is getting back to that appointment television where you’re going to clock in once a week, you’re going to pay attention, and then guess what? You’re going to wait one more week, just seven days. So that information, that want to, that desire to say, ‘I want to know how Jack died,’ well, you’re just going to have to wait and be patient, because when the answers come, you’ll be satisfied.

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Milo reiterated the shows intentions in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, “We are not doing it to toy with the audience. We’re not doing it to lead them down a path and say, ‘We’re getting there’ or ‘We’re not going to give you [answers].’ I think that’s something important that people need to know.”

Even though he may be disappointed that people are obsessed with Jack’s cause of death, Milo does appreciate the fan love, telling ET, “People are transferring this love for Jack onto me. Hopefully, he can stay revered and not fall as fast as he rose.” And, Milo is just as excited as we are to return to the set. At the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas last week, Milo told E! News, “To be really honest I feel zero pressure on season two. I think we, on the creative end, are approaching it the same way. We’re just excited to be there. We don’t feel any pressure to do anything grand or big, I think it’s just continuing to tell stories of these really, really great people.”

Milo was also asked at ATX if he was ready to play the role of Dad in real life, to which he demurred that he wasn’t quite ready, stating, “For me, I’m more interested in my partner. Like who I’m going to be walking through life with and hopefully the byproduct of a great partnership, a great relationship is some good kids.”

It’s no secret that I love This is Us and I can’t wait to catch up with the Pearson clan. At least the summer gives me some time to stockpile some tissues. If you need a This is Us fix, check out this clip from Billy on the Street featuring Milo, along with Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz and Justin Hartley on the mean streets of New York City. Good stuff.

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