Jenelle Evans will never be accused of being likable, but there’s no denying that she’s had a hard life.

Like, people don’t grow up to be heroin addicts who think Kesha concert tickets will get them out of jail for no reason, you know.

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Jenelle’s had problems with drugs, problems with mental health, problems with physical health … just about anything you can think of, this girl has struggled with it.

And so it just makes sense that, in this new excerpt from her upcoming memoir, she reveals that, at least at one point in time, she was addicted to sex.

The book, Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom, contains journal entries from Jenelle’s most turbulent years, and in one section of the book, she discusses one of her first boyfriends.

At the time she wrote the entry, she’d have to have been in her early teens — she’s still a virgin here, and never forget, her first claim to fame was being 16 and Pregnant.

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She explains that her boyfriend asked her to have sex with him, but she refused because she wasn’t ready.

“He looked at his feet and didn’t say much else on the way home,” she writes. “His grip on my hand slipped away.”

“I had disappointed him by turning down his offer.”

A pretty typical story of teenage love so far, right?

Don’t worry, it gets way messier.

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But first, Jenelle gets insightful for a moment, writing that “I didn’t regret it, as no girl or woman should regret such a choice.”

“I wasn’t ready and if he thought pouting about it would change that, he was wrong.”

She says that she “didn’t need someone in my life that would pressure me for sex,” and that “when I was ready for it, I would choose who I wanted and when.”

However, “What I didn’t know then was that when I was finally ready for sex, I would become obsessed with it.”

Oh, Jenelle …

Jenelle Opens Up

While it’s definitely sad to hear, it does make sense: as we’ve seen time and time again on Teen Mom 2, when this girl finds something she likes, she sticks with it.

We saw her “become obsessed” with weed, heroin, and, perhaps most obviously, men.

Remember in an early season of the show when Jenelle revealed that she wasn’t sure who Jace’s father was, so she had one of the guys take a paternity test?

We saw her move from Andrew Lewis to Kieffer Delp to Gary Head to Courtland Rogers to Nathan Griffith to David Eason … are we missing anyone?

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Jenelle divorced Courtland Rogers and got with Nathan Griffith at lightning speed — so fast that when she got pregnant with Kaiser, she wasn’t sure what was going on at first.

She didn’t know if she was pregnant with Nathan’s baby, or if the pregnancy test she took was positive because of “leftovers from the abortion” she had with Courtland.

The point is that when Jenelle says she became “obsessed” with sex, it’s very, very easy to believe her.

The other point is that we actually can’t wait to read her book, and to learn of all the tragedies it contains.