The Television BAFTA Awards 2017

This summer is looking to be pretty anticlimactic when it comes to gossip. Taylor Swift is doing her I’m Being Very Private With My Private Boyfriend rollout. Kim Kardashian is over. Political sh-t is taking over everything. And Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t trying to convince us of anything. Benedict is between jobs and promotional tours, and he’s likely spending some downtime with his wife and two sons, Kit and Hal. It also seems that Benedict’s well-worn advertising contract with Jaguar is over, because nowadays, Bendy is shilling for Mercedes. He filmed a very strange and very low-key ad/video for Mercedes while attending the London Fashion Week for men, which is co-sponsored by Mercedes.

So many questions and comments. Why did he get out of the backseat and not the driver’s seat? And yes, I do get tired of his street-style, because if left to his own devices, he wanders around in jorts and the same tired t-shirts. Bendy was grunge!! GRUNGE BENDY. And finally, the way he says “plaid”… it’s weird? Do all posh British people say “plaid” like “played”? Americans say it like “plad” with a soft “a”.

The Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards held at the BFI Southbank

Photos courtesy of WENN.