Last month, Bella Thorne thought it would be a good idea to travel to Cannes with Scott Disick for reasons that make sense only to her.

We’ll give her a pass on that decision, because she’s 19, and the list of dumb things we did when we were 19 could wrap around the Earth four times.

But that’s a one-time exoneration, and from the looks of it, Bella is planning to dive back into shallow water and make the same mistake all over again.

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Not only did Bella return from Cannes ahead of schedule, she revealed in an interview that the reason for her abrupt departure was that Disick was drunk the whole time and she’s “not a heavy drinker.”

(If only his life had been documented on reality television for the past decade so that she’d have some idea what was in store.)

We weren’t surprised when Disick started campaigning for a second chance with Thorne, but we’re downright shocked that it actually seems to be working.

On Tuesday night, Bella posted a photo of a bouquet that was sent to her by Scott.

And today, she confirmed that she and the Lord are still “chilling,” which we’re pretty sure translates to “boning” in this case.

Scott Disick Stands

Asked if she and Disick are still dating, Bella gave the most non-committal answer possible, saying:

“We’re chill. We’re chilling. We’re friends. I literally just saw him so yeah it’s all chill. I don’t know what answer you want me to say.”

Well, what we want you to say is that you’ve learned Scott is in a seriously dark place and probably shouldn’t be dating anyone right now, much less a teenager who’s put off by his destructive lifestyle.

What you actually said was something along the lines of “Yeah, he’s still super famous, so we’ll probably keep hooking up until the tabloids get tired of this thing.”

Despite stammering like Jeff Sessions in front of Congress when asked about Scott, Bella maintains that she’s “single as a Pringle” (We’re really hoping that’s not gonna become an expression.), saying:

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“I’m just chilling, I’m just hanging out … I should be allowed [to hang out with somebody].. As soon as I step out of the house I [have to worry] what people are going to say.”

She adds:

“That makes you so unhappy that you have to think about the before every single time you hang out with anybody guy or girl. That is so difficult. It’s hard.” 

We sympathize … or we would, were it not for the fact that Bella only dates famous dudes and makes a point of broadcasting both her new relationships and her dramatic breakups on social media.

If Bella flew to Cannes with some random 34-year-old drunk, we’re pretty sure no one would care.

But she chose to travel with a 34-year-old drunk who knocked up the sister of a prominent sex tape star, so everyone does care, because our cultutre is a large dumpster that’s been set aflame.