Maugham, who was at the scene supporting his friend Kimberley Williams, who has been made homeless, told BuzzFeed News: “She was so nice. She was with her husband, she was going round talking to people.

“She said, ‘Is everyone okay? Are the dogs okay?’ She was so nice. There’s a picture of me hugging her on the internet.

“She stayed about 15 minutes. She tried to keep it on the low. Everyone was happy – she’s Adele. There were a few people around; it was about 1 o’clock in the morning. I made a big scene and everyone else came running.

“She didn’t have any security or anything, she just came on her own with her husband. She’s got Oscars, she’s got Grammys, she’s friends with Beyoncé! She wasn’t even hiding her face, she was in her full glory.”