I watched almost all of Attorney General Jeff Sessions testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday. I thought it was going to be a day-long hearing, but Scarlett O’Sessions breezed in at 2:30 and the hearing didn’t even last two full hours. Still, it was impressive how much lying he fit into those two hours. Anyway, I was waiting for Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) to take her turn in questioning Sessions. Sen. Harris is a lawyer, a former state attorney general and former prosecutor. She knows what’s up. She knows how to interrogate. She knows how to get the most out of her allotted time. Which is why it was bizarre that for the second time in a week, Kamala Harris was THE ONLY SENATOR to be interrupted by the chairman, Senator Burr, during her time. And during the Sessions hearing, Sen. Burr wasn’t even the first one to interrupt her! John McCain actually interrupted her first. Here’s the full video of Sen. Harris with Scarlett.

As I said, this happened last week too, when the Senate Intel Committee was questioning Rod Rosenstein about whether Robert Mueller would have full independence. Last week, she was interrupted and told to be “courteous” when she went into prosecutor mode. And in the Sessions hearing, she was once again in prosecutor mode, asking concrete questions about evidence. Sessions was visibly flummoxed and audibly irritated. He was trying to stonewall her and filibuster her allotted time and she wasn’t having it. And instead of just allowing Sen. Harris to carry out her time in the way she saw fit, McCain got his panties in a wad and then Chairman Burr had to “put her in her place.” The fact that this keeps happening to Kamala Harris is absolutely disgusting. It’s racist and sexist.

Also: having watched the entire hearing, I can tell you that Sessions’ demeanor completely changed when he was being interrogated by a black woman. He was truly appalled that someone like Kamala Harris would dare to question him about anything.

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