Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 has been in the headlines for being arrested multiple times for drug possession and DUI, for fighting and breaking up with various boyfriends and fiances, often through social media, and for stints in rehab. It’s known that she was abusing heroin, as she was arrested for possession. In a new memoir, Jenelle comes clean about her addiction and admits that while she loved the high it came at a huge cost.

“My first trip was amazing. I won’t glamorize the drug by going into the long details of why people love it so damned much,” Jenelle wrote in Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom. “Before I knew it, I was shooting up four or five times a day. I was hooked.”

“The first thing I lost to the drug was my family,” she shared. “I disowned my mother and siblings and friends, but the truth is no one wants to talk to you when they suspect you’re a junkie.”

When Jenelle wasn’t allowed to see son Jace by her own mother, that’s when things only got worse.

“It hurt my heart, made me sick to my soul that I couldn’t see my son. I filled that hateful void with more drugs,” Jenelle wrote. “The drugs always made the pain go away. They didn’t turn on me or betray me. I guess heroin was my first steady, dependable lover. It gave me what I needed to live and I gave it my life. By this entry, heroin was the only thing I had in my life that loved me.”
After blacking out from drugs and realizing her boyfriend “didn’t love me,” Jenelle went to a New Jersey hospital for detox. When she was released, the young mom got some support from an unlikely source.

“I ended up calling the last person in the world I expected to talk to, or expected would help me. My mother,” she revealed. “For all of our problems, I owe her for what she did that day. I called her and told her what kind of trouble I was in, and how I needed help.”

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As I’ve mentioned before, I go to AA. I have met so many former meth and heroin addicts, people I wouldn’t otherwise realize did drugs. They’re just like you and me, and their stories are harrowing. (I’m lucky I didn’t get into those type of hard drugs, but in reality alcohol was always my drug of choice and that takes longer to kill you.)

Jenelle Evans is a real piece of work but she probably helped a lot of people by telling her story. I do think she’s glamorizing it, judging by this passage, although maybe she goes into more detail later about how sick and miserable she was. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death was a wakeup call for so many of us, that addiction is all around us and that it can kill. It’s doing that even faster now that fentanyl is getting mixed into the heroin. One of my friends has lost about five friends to overdoses in the past year. She goes to AA because there’s only one NA meeting a week in our area. There need to be more resources for addicts and Narcan/Naloxone needs to be distributed freely among the community so that it’s available and can save lives.

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