Promising review: “I love cook books. My favourites are ones with flavoursome, healthy recipes that include lots of veg, but aren’t necessarily vegetarian.

This has quickly become my number one favourite. There are two reasons for this – first my reluctant husband has started to enjoy cooking again (after a long cooking hiatus) because he enjoys the making and the eating of the recipes in this book so much. While I am excited that the meals are so healthy and delicious, he says that it feels like eating tasty trashy food (he’s a die hard junk food lover). Everyone wins. Hurrah.

The second reason is that the recipes are really simple to make, and use readily available ingredients. All of the recipes are meals in themselves with a full complement of accompaniments included for each dish. And everything tastes fantastic. So far I think that we’ve tried about half the recipes in the book and there has not been a duff one amongst them. There’s a good mix of lighter meals, lunch options, breakfasts and larger meals, and tons of variety in the kinds of flavours on offer. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone that likes quick, easy and tasty home-cooking with an emphasis on fresh ingredients.” – Lamby Lamb

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