There’s only so much we feel comfortable saying when it comes to the ongoing Bachelor in Paradise.

As has been reported in detail, production on Season 4 of this ABC series has come to a halt due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Rachel Lindsay with a Flower

Warner Bros. came out and used this language in a statement announcing the decision on Sunday, leading to an array of follow-up reports from outlets that claimed to have more information about what transpired during filming.

By most accounts, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson got very drunk and started to hook-up in a pool.

There was “rubbing, touching and fingering,” an insider tells TMZ.

But Jackson was too wasted to consummate the relationship and a producer later told executives that Olympios never gave her fellow star consent.

Once this accusation was thrown out there, producers called off filming in order to investigate what happened between Corinne and DeMario. 

They also sent all cast members home.

And this is where the events from Bachelor in Paradise accidentally create Bachelorette spoilers that go a long way toward revealing who Rachel Lindsay will select this season.

Fans already knew that Jackson had been sent packing by Lindsay (in dramatic fashion, no less, considering she learned he had a girlfriend while on the show).

This is why Jackson was included (see slideshow, above)o the list of Bachelor in Paradise cast members announced earlier this month.

Nothing was spoiled by his inclusion because his elimination episode had already aired.

HOWEVER, three men who are still vying for Rachel Lindsay’s heart on Season 13 – which was filmed months ago, but whose final outcome remains a secret – were spotted flying home with the rest of the Paradise cast over the weekend.

Former JoJo Fletcher suitor Derek Peth shared a photo on Instagram this week that featured him posing in an airport with Iggy Rodriguez and Diggy Moreland.

Both of these young men are still contestants on The Bachelorette.

You’ll be able to see them compete for a rose when the show returns next Monday night.

airport chronicles

But it now seems fairly obvious that neither Rodriguez nor Moreland end up with that final rose… or else they wouldn’t have been in Mexico with the Paradise crew.

And then there’s Jack Stone.

He’s another Lindsay suitor who posed for a a photo with Bachelor in Paradise contestant Alexis Waters, which she posted on Sunday.

The same logic applies in this case: you can very likely cross Stone’s name off the list of potential The Bachelorette winners as well.

stone picture

Sarah Vendal and Astrid Loch – who both competed for Nick Viall’s heart and crotch on the most recent season of The Bachelor – were also spotted traveling with other Paradise contestants, despite NOT having been confirmed as cast members in any official press releases.

But whatever.

This reveal isn’t spoiling the future of any ongoing season.

Moreland and Rodriguez, meanwhile, actually went live on Instagram yesterday, but made it clear they couldn’t say anything at all about the Bachelor in Paradise drama.

“It seems like something happening in paradise, we’re not gonna touch that at all,” Moreland said, adding simply:

“We are not touching anything that’s Paradise-related. We don’t know anything.”