President Bigly is off for his first overseas trip and to every country he’s visiting: I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. As an American, I cannot even describe the embarrassment I feel that this orange buffoon is somehow representative of America. If you want to throw things at him when he’s in your country, I will totally understand. You can read about the bigly plans for this foreign trip here. It doesn’t seem like Trump is all that enthused about it, but I think he just hates to travel in general. Apparently, Melania Trump is joining her husband for the entire trip, which should be… interesting. But the real story is that of course Precious Ivanka and Jared Kushner are also joining Bigly on this trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Brussels, Rome and Sicily. Jared and Precious had to get a rabbinical “pass.”

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will be flying aboard Air Force One to Saudi Arabia with President Donald Trump on Friday, after receiving a rabbinical dispensation to travel on the Jewish Sabbath, according to a White House official. As practicing Orthodox Jews, Trump’s daughter and son-in-law typically observe the weekly Shabbat holiday, unplugging from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. But they have made exceptions, on a few occasions, for their jobs.

On Inauguration Day, they received the same kind of rabbinical pass to travel by car, an activity that is typically prohibited for observant Jews on the Sabbath. The rules can be broken in life-threatening situations, or if there is a safety concern, according to Jewish law. It was not clear on what grounds the exception was made to accompany the president on his first international trip.

During the 2016 campaign, Kushner also broke Shabbat during the worst crisis to engulf Trump. He huddled with his father-in-law in Trump Tower after the release of the damaging “Access Hollywood” tape in October of 2016 that showed Trump bragging about kissing and groping women without their consent.

[From Politico]

The fact that Jared and Precious are orthodox Jews isn’t news, although it does surprise me that they still seek rabbinical passes to work on the Sabbath. I honestly thought that most rabbis – orthodox or otherwise – believed in a more “do what you gotta do” stance when it comes to traveling and working on the Sabbath, especially for those people working important jobs involving life-and-death (doctors, advisors to the president).

As for Precious Jared and whether he’s still the emperor’s favorite… there are some lingering questions. NY Magazine did a great piece called “Is Jared Kushner in Too Deep?” which basically questions if Jared is already in his own ass-covering mode, because he’s up to his neck in the Mike Flynn investigation too.

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