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Meghan Markle is currently in London! She flew into Heathrow from Toronto yesterday. Meghan will be staying with Prince Harry through the weekend, and possibly past the weekend. The whole reason for this particular trip is, of course, Pippa Middleton’s almost-royal wedding and the fact that Harry apparently insisted that Meghan be included on all of the festivities.

Meghan Markle is wedding-bound! Pippa Middleton’s, that is. Prince Harry’s girlfriend arrived in London Tuesday, days before Kate Middleton’s younger sister will exchange vows with fiancé James Matthews in front of family and friends at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire.

After arriving at Heathrow International Airport, Meghan was driven straight to Kensington Palace, E! News has learned. Details about her evening were not made known but a Range Rover was later seen leaving the palace.

[From E! News]

The royal family is pretty much sponsored by Range Rover, so it makes sense that the truest sign that Meghan is within the royal family fold is that she’s being chauffeured around in a Range Rover.

As for what all of this means… it means that Harry and Meghan are going to get married, for the love of God. I’m really tired of the doubters on this. Meghan is Harry’s future wife and that’s how she’s being treated. Just this week, Westminster Abbey’s spokesperson made a statement verifying that if and when Harry proposes, the Abbey would be more than happy to host their wedding, even though Meghan is divorced and partly Jewish. The Daily Mail also did a story over the weekend about how royal courtiers are basically convinced that Harry will propose this summer sometime, and that we should keep our eye out for early August, because Meg’s birthday is August 4th. Harry also plans to take Meg to Lesotho this summer, and people think that he’ll mimic his brother’s Kenyan proposal to Kate, and Harry will propose to Meghan while they’re vacationing in Lesotho.

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