Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have been married for two years and just announced that they’re expecting their first baby together. These two have always been over-the-top in their public declarations of love, and they’re usually hanging all over each other in paparazzi photos and on the red carpet. They seem joined at the hip and like they’re crazy about each other. To those of us with a more practical world view they can come across as fake as hell, but I think they’re truly convinced that their partner is the most special amazing person ever and that they’re living a Disney fairytale romance. I will be surprised if that lasts for them, but as I said I’m a cynic.

Anyway here’s what Ian posted for Nikki’s birthday. She turned 29 yesterday. I could have sworn she was older than that, but she just has one of those mature-looking faces I guess. Ian is 38. This is an Instagram slideshow so there are more photos of them together if you mouse over it and use the arrows.

Ian thanked Nikki for “seamlessly weaving the complex threads of our lives together into the warmest, softest and most magical blanket.” MOST MAGICAL BLANKET. Their love is a magical blanket that comforts and invigorates them. I think I would find that blanket smothering but that’s the type of relationship they have, one where they’re snuggled tight in a hot dutch oven of love. They’re going to be so extra when their baby comes and I really can’t wait.

So is this sweet, cloying, or a little of both?

Oh and Nikki has launched a mini beauty product line with Anthropologie. Nikki and Ian are committed to the same causes including animal rights, animal rescue, vegetarianism and the environment. Now that part I understand.



photos credit: WENN and Instagram