I won’t mince words, I love Goldie Hawn and I’m so glad she’s back in the spotlight, even though the vehicle for her return is Snatched.

The 71-year-old actress has been making the promotional rounds and spoke with Harper’s Bazaar about the new movie, her career and ageism in Hollywood. She shared the story of how Amy Schumer snatched her for the role of her on-screen mother. Amy has said that she “accosted” Goldie on a flight and asked her to take on the part. Goldie recalled the meeting, not knowing who Amy was but confessing, “I could have eaten her face, she was so damn cute.” Here are some more highlights from the interview, which appears in the magazine’s June/July issue, hitting newsstands on May 23.

On The First Wives Club and sexism in Hollywood: “Even though we were all stars, [Hollywood] was nervous about the movie…we all took a cut in our salary, we all took a cut in our back end. Because the studios were never sanguine on trusting that women carrying a movie would actually work.”
On ageism in show business: “You think you’re going to fight the system? You think you’re going to prove to Hollywood when you hit 45 that you’re still a sexy, viable object? No. There’s a certain reality. Does it make me angry? No. I’m not an angry person. I’m not a militant person. Anger doesn’t get you anywhere. It’s not productive.”
On raising feminist eyebrows while playing a ditzy bombshell on the ‘60s TV show Laugh-In: “An editor from a women’s magazine came up to me and said, ‘Don’t you feel terrible that you’re playing a dumb blonde?’ I said, ‘I don’t understand that question because I’m already liberated. Liberation comes from the inside.’”

On making her return to the big screen in Snatched: “A break from anything we do sometimes is a good thing. And I forgot how much fun it was. I forgot about the perks. Three months in the best hotel ever, looking out at the water. When I had to pack up and leave, I shed a tear. We held each other on our last shot and we cried. I came out of that going, ‘Yeah, I could do it again.’”

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

I love this interview, and I love the photos, which were taken be Terry Richardson. Yes, THAT Terry Richardson. These are the least skeevy photos I’ve ever seen from him. The photographer must have found a muse in Goldie, as he gushed over working with her on Instagram. He posted a few pictures from the shoot and said, “Life highlight! It is so rare to meet someone who exceeds your expectations but that is exactly what happened when I photographed @officialgoldiehawn I have never met someone so effervescent and energetic. Thank you, Goldie for this amazing experience!” You got that right, Terry.

I haven’t seen Snatched and I probably won’t until it hits Redbox, but I love Goldie so much. I used to like Amy Schumer back before she got exhausting. I over her on Last Comic Standing, when she gave me a “funny Linda Blair from Roller Boogie” kind of vibe. (Once you see the similarity, you’ll never be able to un-see it.) Goldie is a legend and we need more of her on the screen. Speaking of which, where is our First Wives Club sequel? That’s what I’m talking about.



'Snatched' film premiere - Arrivals

Photos: Harper’s Bazaar, WENN.com