1. Hi. Game Of Thrones is a fantastic show, and it’s almost flawless — but there are some moments in it that probably made your blood boil.

2. Maybe it was a continuity error, like Melisandre not wearing her necklace in the bath but remaining young. Y’ALL THINK WE WEREN’T GONNA NOTICE?

3. Perhaps it was just something unnecessary, like Rickon reappearing after being gone for FOREVER, only to be friggin’ murdered right before our eyes.


4. Or maybe it was a character flaw, like when Oberyn was so conceited he needed to give a speech before he killed The Mountain — so The Mountain snuck up and killed him instead.

5. Even though the show is incredible, there are so many annoying moments. So, tell us, which Game Of Thrones moment annoyed you most and why? Show-specific moments only, please!

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