Terese Giudice is known for flipping tables when she gets angry.

But a new report claims Giudice simply flipped out upon being accused of stepping out on her husband.

In a sexual manner of speaking, that is.

Teresa Giudice Instagram Pose

An insider tells Life & Style that Giudice was attending a charity event along with Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Kim DePaola when some ugly sparks started to fly.

And it all started when DePaola strongly hinted that Teresa was cheating on husband Joe Giudice.

“Teresa was talking about her wonderful children and everything she is doing with them, and Kim couldn’t take it,” a source explains to the tabloid.

“She said, ‘Please! You are out every night with some guy!’”

Whoa there! That apparently escalated quickly.

Kim DePaola on Instagram

For the record, of course, Joe Giudice is currently behind bars.

We’re not saying this means Giudice is banging some other dude or anything. We aren’t in a position to verify Kim’s allegation.

We’re just reminding readers that Joe is serving many months in prison for his role in a bankruptcy fraud scheme.

Back when the situation was reversed – when Teresa was spending time in jail for the same crime – Joe was the spouse who was under fire for having a wandering private part.

But back to this recent night out between DePaola and Giudice.

How did the latter react when the former started leveling such public charges against her?

“She started acting like a lunatic,” the insider says, cursing at Kim and even threatening to hurt a drink in her direction.

“Kim said, ‘You throw that glass at me, you’re going back to jail, bitch.'”

We presume this is a reference to Giudice being on parole. And that if she threw a drink… and if Kim then pressed charges… then it’s true: Teresa really could go back to jail.

Teresa Giudice, Children

DePaola and Giudice have never been good friends. And that’s an underestimate.

“Kim thinks Teresa is filthy,” the Life & Style source says very simply.

Teresa has gone far out of her way of late to paint herself as Mother of the Century.

With Joe in jail, Giudice has talked often about how she’s focusing on raising daughters Gia, Milania, Audriana and Gabriella and how it’s been a challenge at times.

“[The kids] miss their dad, of course, tremendously, just like I do. But you know they’re doing as well as could be expected,” she told ABC News a few months ago.

But she added that the girls are “amazing” and “really strong.”

Does she keep in touch with Joe?

Yes, as often as she can.

“We e-mail every day,” Teresa has said, adding:

“We talk every day and I see him every week… Our family’s gonna be reunited again, and that’s what I’m looking forward to.”