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I first saw these quotes over on The Daily Mail, and I thought that Reese Witherspoon was responding in a roundabout way to the terrible treatment that Gabourey Sidibe had at a Chanel boutique recently, which Chanel half-apologized for without really acknowledging the problem. (As many of you pointed out to me, thanks!) Reese of course has her Draper James line, which is like a Southern slightly more expensive Kate Spade, and they have three boutiques. Apparently these quotes are slightly older though, as People ran them and pointed out that Reese said this to them last year. They’re celebrating the fact that Draper James is now available at Nordstrom. It’s still worth talking about though, because I think she has a good point about customer service. Plus there’s a huge difference in southern hospitality, which can be fake and cloying but is still very welcoming.

“When you’re on movies, you’re talking to writers and directors trying to shape the story and characters. In Draper James meetings, we try to connect a story to a product,” she told PeopleStyle last year of how she crafts her pieces, including staples like tees that say “What Would Dolly Do?.” “We create things that remind us of our southern upbringings and want everything we put out there to bring you joy and be something you’ll have forever.”

Her tip for finding something you love? Be yourself. “For me, fashion doesn’t have to be serious,” she said. “It doesn’t have to make you feel bad. People don’t have to be snotty and rude when you go into a store. There are a lot of places in this world where people feel like they don’t belong. I want people to feel like they belong.”

[From People]

I am a Yankee who lives in the south and I can confirm that people are super nice here – to your face. They will regularly be nice in your presence and then talk about you behind your back, which I’m fine with actually. I am somewhat skilled in the art of gossip and I know how to use it to my advantage. Getting back to the customer service angle, there’s something really comforting about being smiled at, greeted and asked how you’re doing, even if it’s just a formality. When I visit relatives up north I do miss how friendly everyone is here and find myself being more “nice” than most of the people there. Also, now that I’m accustomed to this type of service I don’t want to give my business to stores where the people aren’t welcoming. I’m not much of a label follower and I do a lot of shopping online though.

Reese has really adopted a southern person to shill her brand, right y’all?



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