Let’s face it: Your Mom jokes are a bit outdated and a whole lot immature.

They can also be hilarious.

There’s no quicker way to cut someone down to size than to hurl some kind of insult at their mother. The dirtier and more ridiculous, the better

With that in mind, we’ve collected a handful of the best Your Mom jokes in the history of the Internet. Just keep in mind:

This is not us, The Hollywood Gossip, talking to you, our loyal reader. We would never say such things about your loving parent. Please do not take the following slams personally…

No Protesting Here, Though

No Protesting Here, Though

She was great!

What Time is It?

What Time is It?

Mom joke time!

Making Like Your Mom

Making Like Your Mom

Most flexible lion ever!

They Aren’t All Sex Jokes

They Aren't All Sex Jokes

Some are sex jokes.

Someone Actually Made This Sticker

Someone Actually Made This Sticker

That’s both amazing and depressing.

The Question Isn’t Easy

The Question Isn't Easy

But the answer is hilarious!

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