Last month, we reported that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth would be getting married in October, on Joy-Anna’s birthday.

The news came to us via an online wedding registry that was registered to the young couple and clearly identified the date of their nuptials.

But it looks like the Duggar clan may have pulled a fast one on us, as it seems Joy-Anna and Austin are actually tying the knot much sooner than expected.

Austin, Joy-Anna

According to the Duggar Family News (Life is Not All Pickles and Hairspray) Facebook page, Joy-Anna and Austin will actually by tying the knot this weekend.

“I heard from a Duggar insider that Joy’s wedding will be next week,” the page reports.

“I’m guessing that means Saturday, May 20th.”

The post was later updated, adding:

“It’s been confirmed. The wedding is this Saturday.”

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth

Pickles and Hairspray is generally a very reliable source for Duggar info, and the page’s admin frequently delivers a healthy dose of sass along with the news.

Reporting on the location of Joy-Anna’s ceremony, P&H revealed:

It seems like the wedding will be held close to the Duggar compound since the source said guests will be at the compound before and after the wedding.

“That’s all I know right now except I hope Joy gets up the nerve to run before then and live the life God gave her not the one arranged for her by her fruitcake dad.”

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth

Of course, any Duggar woman her fled her own wedding would be immediately branded a heretic and forced to spend her remaining years wandering the local Wal-Mart in a dress of the shabbiest denim, so we doubt that’ll happen.

But oh, how we would love to see the look on Jim Bob’s face.

Originally we thought that it was bizarre that these lovebirds were waiting so long to tie the knot.

After all, Joy-Anna and Austin have already been courting for several months, and Duggars generally aren’t big on wasting valuable baby-making time.

So the revelation that the registry was a ploy to throw the press off their trail explains quite a bit.

Joy-Anna and Austin

After the wedding, of course, the family will be soaking up all the press attention it can get, but if other outlets receive details in advance, it might be harder to ensure the whole thing remains a TLC exclusive.

No word on whether or not Joy-Anna is upset that she’ll be forced to compete with Pippa Middleton’s wedding for the attention of the tabloids and gossip sites, but we’re guessing there will be attention enough for plenty of them.

After all, Arkansan religious zealots and British royals have slightly different target audiences.

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