Johnny Depp And The Cast Of 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge' Sail Into Disneyland Paris To Surprise Fans

Here are some photos of Johnny Depp over the weekend at Disneyland Paris. He appeared there with Orlando Bloom, Javier Bardem and Geoffrey Rush to promote Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. They were also promoting the Disneyland Paris rides, I would assume. Disney has already spent a TON of money on the film’s production, which ran grossly over budget because of Johnny Depp’s habitual lateness and (frankly) his substance abuse. Disney is looking to spend tens of millions of dollars promoting the film, not to mention the money they’re spending on the campaign to rehabilitate Depp’s image. So no, they don’t want to spend any additional money on anything. Which is why it’s sort of weird that out of all the upcoming Disney films coming out, hackers apparently stole this film. The hackers are threatening to release it unless Disney pays a ransom. Disney is like “no thanks.”

Disney’s upcoming Johnny Depp film Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has been pilfered by ransom hackers seeking payment from the studio. The hackers have demanded an enormous amount of money be paid to Bitcoin. Disney is currently working with the FBI and will not pay. Although Disney CEO Bob Iger did not reveal which movie the ransom hackers claim to have, he did reveal to ABC employees during a town hall meeting in New York on Monday that the incident had occurred. The hackers said they would release bits of the film — in increments — if their demands weren’t met. Deadline learned that it was, indeed, Jerry Bruckheimer’s fifth in the Pirates franchise, which is scheduled for release May 26.

Disney would not comment, but insiders said that the company refuse to pay. This follows the same issue Netflix faced when a ransom hacker spilled out 10 episodes of the next season of Orange Is The New Black when Netflix also refused to ante up.

Hector Monsegur, Director of Security Assessments for Rhino Security Labs and a regular expert on the Science Channel series Outlaw Tech, was a former computer hacker who was arrested and then became an FBI informant. He told Deadline that “attribution is probably the hardest thing the FBI is dealing with here.”

Because the FBI has to track attacks backwards, “It’s nearly impossible because you have various hackers from pretty much anywhere. Also, they are aware of techniques to track them down. So you could have an Egyptian hacker who uses Russian software so it looks like it’s Russian but is actually from Egypt.”

[From Deadline]

If hackers had grabbed the latest Marvel movie, I would say sure, there’s cause for concern. And that’s clearly why Disney is concerned now – it’s not that they really give a sh-t that much about the latest POTC film leaking, it’s that A) they don’t want to spend any more money on this sh-tty franchise and B) they don’t want to set any kind of precedent that would affect the properties they actually care about, like the upcoming Marvel movies. And it’s also like… sort of funny? I feel bad for laughing because being hacked and having your property held for ransom is not funny, it’s terrifying and awful and an ordeal I would not wish on anyone. But it’s this terrible movie and it was probably going to bomb or underperform anyway? It would have been like threatening to release the King Arthur movie and everyone was like “Nah, we didn’t want to see it anyway.”

'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' cast at Disneyland Paris

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