This is a complicated story so bear with me for a moment. Singer Elle King, 27, announced her engagement to Andrew “Fergie” Ferguson in February of 2016, with an Instagram post from the Golden Gate Bridge. Apparently Fergie proposed to her on a sailboat in the harbor, which is romantic right? (In case you’re going “who?” Elle is famous for the song “Ex’s & Oh’s,” which seems kind of apt in this case.) Then, just a month ago, Elle was scheduled to be married to Fergie but she skipped out on the wedding and posted that she “married Rock&Roll instead” and was on tour with Eagles of Death Metal.

Now it turns out that Elle and Fergie have been married since February 16, 2016, just three weeks after they met and 10 days after they got engaged (he proposed 12 days after meeting her), but that they’re separated at this point. I guess this is why Elle didn’t have a public wedding. She posted this Instagram explaining it.

First of all, I just want to say that her suit is f-ing amazing and I want one just like that. Also, she explains the rush of new love really well “Everybody thought I lost my mind and I did.” Love/infatuation/that rush when you meet someone and it’s all new and amazing, can make you crazy, stupid and impulsive. That’s why you listen to your friends and don’t make any rash decisions like getting engaged or married before you’ve known the person a certain amount of time, at least six months to a year I think is reasonable. Some people can’t help themselves though and fall so fast and hard they make life decisions while their brain chemistry is out of whack. Falling in love is like being addicted to cocaine or having an anxiety disorder. It’s true science! So hopefully Elle is ok now. Also, this guy has been the “greatest love” of her life so far. She’s 27 years old. She’s got plenty more time to find different loves and maybe the next one won’t burn so hard and fast.


Photos credit: WENN, Getty and Instagram/Elle King