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As I keep saying, the incessant coverage of Pippa Middleton’s weekend wedding is coming across as one giant hustle. Pippa is selling this wedding and she’s selling herself as this year’s society bride. It comes across as rather… desperate and thirsty, frankly. I hoped that she would just do a simple country wedding and that, at most, she would sell some photos to Hello Magazine. But I’m really starting to feel like Pippa is using the wedding to angle herself back into some kind of business. The business of Being Pippa, a lifestyle venture, perhaps.

What makes this hustle so strange is that Pippa and her family went on and on about how James Matthews is so terribly rich and Pippa will get a luxury life like Kate without any of the hassle of actually working for the British people. Which is why I found it interesting, several weeks ago, to learn that Terribly Rich James Matthews might not be as epically rich as we were led to believe. I also find it interesting that their honeymoon sounds like it’s being done on a budget. So isn’t it interesting that E! News has published a story about Terribly Moderately Wealthy James could be a billionaire (on paper) sometime soon?

Pippa Middleton may not be marrying into the royal family, but in a matter of just a few days, she’ll have wealthy and respected new relatives all her own. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s younger sister is set to walk down the aisle on Saturday to her fiancé James Matthews, a former race car champion-turned-hedge fund manager.

It’s no question that Middleton can certainly support herself—she’s authored cookbooks, written as a columnist, benefitted from trust funds handed down by her great-grandmother and worked in the family party-planning business, Party Pieces, which is reportedly worth millions of its own. However, when she becomes Mrs. Matthews, she’ll also come into contact with her husband’s self-made fortune.

After achieving a level of success in the racing world, Matthews entered the finance world as a trader in 1995 and soon assumed major status as co-founder of Eden Rock Capital Management in 2001, where he remains CEO today. The firm reportedly managed over £1 billion worth of investments by 2007.

“His stake in Eden Capital and the money he potentially has taken out over the last 16 years could make him a demi-billionaire or close to a billionaire on his own merits,” David Friedman, co-founder at WealthQuotient, told E! News. However, that estimation is also reliant on other factors like the market and his fees. While the company has come under fire as of late for alleged association with some scandals overseas, Matthews is also linked to a tremendous family fortune. As Friedman said, “To characterize James wealth, one must look at two core areas: family wealth and Eden Capital.”

[From E! News]

Just my opinion but… men who are on the verge of becoming billionaires probably don’t want to marry someone like Pippa, you know? I’m sure Pippa has many nice qualities and I actually think she’s the smarter, more self-sufficient sister (she’s more like her mother) and her connection to the royal family should not be underestimated. But from what I’ve seen…men who are truly worth high nine figures (??) generally want to marry young underwear models or beautiful actresses. Men who are truly worth this kind of money probably don’t want their weddings splashed across the tabloids either. So… what’s up with Terribly Moderately Wealthy James Matthews? Is this true love or something else?

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