The Television BAFTA Awards Arrivals

Back in March, we learned that Sony was still looking to make more English-language films based on the so-called Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. The original book trilogy was already filmed in Swedish, with Noomi Rapace playing Lisbeth Salander. Sony made the first book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, in English with Rooney Mara playing Lisbeth, and Mara ended up getting an Oscar nomination for the film. Still, people at Sony didn’t like how much money David Fincher spent on the project, nor did they like that the film did mediocre box office. So Fincher is out, and Rooney is out, for some reason. And now they’re going to make the fourth book, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, into a movie. Back in March, they were talking about casting another actress to play Lisbeth, but the shortlist sounded so… awful. Like, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson were auditioning, maybe? And now we have a leading contender for the role and it’s not the actress I was expecting.

Claire Foy, who stars as Queen Elizabeth on Netflix’s The Crown, is Sony’s choice to step up to the keyboard to play hacker Lisbeth Salander in its adaptation of The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Fede Alvarez is attached to direct the project, which is seen as a relaunch of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo franchise.

The studio has been on the hunt for a new actress to take on the role, and the finalists came down to Foy and Felicity Jones, sources say. Foy has the offer, according to insiders, but scheduling is one of the challenges that need to be worked out. (The actress is also fielding interest from Universal for its Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, starring Ryan Gosling.)

The role of the brooding and strong Salander is a coveted one as it has proven to be both launch pad and showcase. Noomi Rapace starred in the Swedish-language trilogy, which was an international hit and catapulted her onto the worldwide stage. Rooney Mara played the part in the 2011 film directed by David Fincher and received an Academy Award nomination.

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I don’t watch The Crown so I can’t speak to Foy’s acting skills. I have watched her in interviews and she’s very charming and very British. She’s also a small woman, which is necessary for someone playing Lisbeth – they need to be petite and almost child-like. That’s vital to the role. Claire is small, but would she be able to pull off Lisbeth’s brooding intensity? I don’t know. I think it’s interesting that the studio would go for a British actress though. I wonder if Foy would attempt a Swedish accent?

The Television BAFTA Awards Arrivals

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