Ethan Embry is probably best known for his starring role in Can’t Hardly Wait but more recently as Coyote on Grace and Frankie. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is probably best known for his hood-wearing and elfin, black magic but more recently, set out to reverse the Obama administration’s policy to ease penalties for select nonviolent drug offenses. Sessions just posted his eight-paragraph ‘How To Throw The Book at Practically Everybody That Isn’t Me’ memo, demanding that federal prosecutors pursue, “the most serious offenses… that carry the most substantial guidelines, sentence, including mandatory minimum sentences.” Ethan is a recovered opiate user, having previously been addicted to painkillers and black tar heroin, which is a seriously torturous drug. Although sober for six years, he was moved to speak out on his prior addiction because he feels rehabilitation, not jail, is the best road to recovery for addicts. Friday he took to Twitter to air his thoughts and feelings about the issue:

Actor Eliza Dushku also just revealed her opiate addiction at a recent conference. Both Ethan and Eliza addressed the shame addicts feel about their addiction regardless of how functional they are in their day-to-day life. After he posted the above tweets, Ethan invited people to contact him with their own stories:

People flooded his Twitter with questions and personal stories. Many of those reaching out sounded in so much pain. There is obviously a lot that can be said to deride The Attorney Keebler’s new policy but putting a personal stamp on this as Ethan and Eliza did is more effective than my rattling statistics at you. I appreciate Ethan emphasizing that stricter punishment will only perpetuate the shame in addiction and therefore work against any progressive policy to combat drug use. Session’s policy goes against the general preference Americans hold about rehab as a better option than jail for non-violent drug offenders. I get that the American people are of very little concern to the current administration but I care about people like Ethan and what he went through. I’m sure some grabbed the lifeline Ethan offered and began their own successful rehabilitation journey as a result. One person rehabilitated instead of jailed is a move in the right direction.


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