The BAFTA Television Awards 2017

I did not do my due diligence, gossip-wise, yesterday. In my defense, I was really tired. In my defense, there were about a million photos from the BAFTA TV Awards and I really did think that I glanced through them and kept my eye out for interesting people. In my defense, I honestly thought Tom Hiddleston might have come out and when I didn’t see any photos of him, I sort of gave up. In my defense, I was enchanted by Sean Bean and his 31-year-old (HA!) fiancee. But there really is no defending this: I totally missed these photos of Benedict Cumberbatch!!! Damn it.

So, here, enjoy Bendy Cumby. We haven’t seen much of him all year, honestly. He barely promoted Sherlock (perhaps because the last season SUCKED) and he hasn’t had a bit promotional tour since Doctor Strange last year. In March, Bendy and his wife Sophie Cumberbatchwelcomed their second son, Hal Auden Cumberbatch. Their first child, Christopher “Kit” Cumberbatch turns 2 years old in June. Does Bendy look tired to you? He’s been working a lot lately, plus the two babies, so of course he’s tired. He also sort of looks rather pale and beautiful, right? His hair in these photos is working for me.

Here’s the Alien Lizard Lord trying to hug Matt Smith like a regular person when they saw each other on the red carpet.

In other Bendy news, he might be doing a film with Jake Gyllenhaal? The film is called Rio, and no, it’s not a remake of the animated film. This one is about“a financial reporter (Gyllenhaal) who travels to Rio de Janeiro to visit a wealthy friend (Cumberbatch), only to get sucked into a plot to fake his friend’s death.” Benedict’s Sunny March production company will co-produce the film. It sounds sort of interesting, and it will be nice to see Benedict in something other than a costume drama.

The Television BAFTA Awards 2017

The Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards held at the BFI Southbank

Photos courtesy of WENN.