Susan Sarandon was in Milan for a few days to attend the big Prada show. She’s a fan of Prada, and I just sort of shrugged at the fact that Susan flew all the way to Italy just to attend a fashion show. Even if she has other stuff she’s doing there, it’s still something that only the 1% get to do – fly off to Milan to sit front row at a fashion show. And most of the time, if you’re a celebrity, you’re getting paid to be there too. This is Susan Sarandon’s version of the “revolution,” because people are so “awake” now – she gets to enjoy her celebrity lifestyle and go to Milan fashion shows while Dreamers are literally being sent to detention centers and then deported without any chance to even appeal. But we’re awake now, you guys.

So, as I said, I wouldn’t have even cared enough to mock Susan and her trip to Milan. She was even doing braggy Instagrams throughout her trip too, showing off her amazing trip. But then Susan had the absolute audacity to post this:

Jesus, Susan. Do you even GET how out-of-touch and privileged you sound? I imagine Susan posting this to Instagram as she sipped a glass of free champagne in the governor’s suite of her Milanese hotel whilst someone rubbed her feet. “My goodness,” she whispered to herself. “Hillary Clinton really could be doing so much more for America.” For f–ks sake LEAVE HILLARY ALONE. Hillary Clinton is not a perfect person, but she tried. She worked hard, she believed in herself and she believed in the inherent goodness and intelligence of the American people, she warned us every step of the way that Trump was an unhinged monster, she fought for us and we were the ones who let her down.

Obviously, people were not having any of Susan’s bulls–t. The comments on that Instagram were amazing. The tweets about her trip too… my God.

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Photos courtesy of Susan’s Instagram & WENN.