25th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Academy Awards Viewing Party

Ciara and Russell Wilson welcomed their first child together a few weeks ago. They had a little girl and they named her Sienna Princess Wilson. Sienna is Russell’s first child ever, but Ciara has a son with her ex, Future. Their son’s name is Future Zahir Wilburn and he’s about to turn 2 years old. Future (Senior) and Ciara were famously messy, and they got even messier when they broke up. They’ve been sniping at each other for more than a year and much of it has been public. No one really knows if Future sees his son that much, but we do know that Russell Wilson spends a lot of time with his stepson. So… I didn’t blink twice when I read this message on Russell’s Instagram:

Nothing better than spending time with you. You are an amazing mom & I’m so grateful I get to spend the rest of my life with you & raising our kids. I love you! #HappyMothersDay Weekend my love. @Ciara

[From Russell Wilson’s Instagram]

It just seems like a nice Mother’s Day message. But people took issue with it because Russell made a reference to “our kids.” OUR. His kids (plural) with Ciara. People are treating this like the shadiest thing that Russell has ever done, like he’s throwing it in Future’s face that he (Russell) is raising Future’s son. There is some kind of LeAnn Rimes-esque quality, and it always makes me uncomfortable to see step-parents angling the kids away from their biological parents. But mostly I think: A) Russell probably spends more time with his stepson than Future Zahir’s own father spends with him; B) Future is so messy and he’s had so much sh-t to say about Ciara and Russell, I don’t mind that Russell’s poking at him a little bit; and C) there’s a decent possibility Russell was making a reference to his future children with Ciara. While they just have the one daughter together now, I bet they both want more kids, don’t you think?

25th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Academy Awards Viewing Party

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