Kevin Hart got a new gig “as global ambassador for PokerStars” and he talked to US Magazine about it, and about how much he enjoys gambling. He sounds like a rich guy who turned an expensive hobby into some cash on the side, and he kind of defended his gambling. I don’t know what the context is for these quotes, like maybe US asked him specifically how his wife feels about it, but if he talked about it out of nowhere he does sound a little defensive. It’s not bad though.

Game time! Kevin Hart spoke with Us Weekly about his new role as global ambassador for PokerStars and how cash games have kept him out of trouble.

“It keeps me from doing stupid things,” the Central Intelligence actor, 37, told Us. “I’m not a partier. I’m married, I have kids now, so this is something my wife — she’s OK with it.”

“She knows where I am. I can sit there and I’m out of trouble. It’s been a hobby for quite some time and I think now, seeing the game and understanding the game at this level, it’s just been a different piece of added fun,” he says. “To rub elbows with these guys I sit at the table with, the quote-unquote ‘pros’, for me has been a bonus. I say ‘quote-unquote’ because I’m mixing it up. I made it to day two, that’s a big deal for me. Technically, in my mind I won. Something I’ve been doing probably about 10 years.”

Hart added, “I play poker and I do it with friends. I do it with my family. I do it with my wife’s girlfriends just to have fun. I do it and I’m silly with my kids when we play.”

[From US Magazine]

I think of gambling similar to drinking in that some people can drink/gamble occasionally or moderately without getting into trouble while others get addicted and it takes over their lives. Hart is probably a moderate gambler without a problem, but can you imagine someone like Ben Affleck or Johnny Depp becoming a spokesperson for a poker organization? Both have addiction issues and if Affleck got a job like this and made excuses about it a lot of people would be side eyeing him. We haven’t heard about Kevin having those type of issues, and as long as he’s not gone all the time and losing millions it sounds like his wife is ok with it.

Kevin of course just got married to wife Eniko Parris last August and now there’s news that she’s pregnant! They made the announcement on Instagram on Mother’s Day, with Kevin writing that this time next year Eniko would be a mother. If you click through the slideshow below there’s a little bump pic and a sonogram with the news that they’re expecting a boy. That’s a really sweet and unique way to break the news of a pregnancy and congratulations to Kevin and Eniko!


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