The Donald Trump Twitter account is typically filled with vitriol, lies and vitriolic lies.

But something unusual happened on Saturday, May 13.

Something strange, something unexpected, something confusing and exciting and prime fodder for a witty and creative social media universe:

The President simply Tweeted the word “We.” That was it.

The unfinished message was then sent to his millions of Twitter followers before being deleted.

But nothing is ever really deleted on the Internet, meaning an endless number of people either saw it originally or saw screen captures of it later on … and then had the chance to put their own spin on whatever Trump was trying to see.

As you’ll see below, they did not disappoint…

One Word. So Many Possibilities.

One Word. So Many Possibilities.

It’s true. This series of tubes is pretty amazing this way.

But… Why “We?”

But... Why

That’s the question Twitter was more than happy to answer.

Was It Ever!

Was It Ever!

Take it away, Twitter!

What Else is There to Say?

What Else is There to Say?

The President has a way with words.

Is This What He Meant?

Is This What He Meant?

It’s true, even if it wasn’t Trump’s goal.

We’re Very Sorry, Queen

We're Very Sorry, Queen

Freddie Mercury just turned over in his grave.

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