Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards

Early this morning, I was looking through the photos from the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards (aka the BAFTA TV Awards) and I came across these photos of Sean Bean. My bleary, tired eyes thought “wow, he looks like crap.” But now that I’m caffeinated, I’m sort of into how he looks. I prefer a guy who looks his age, with some wear and tear, as opposed to someone who is hyper-groomed, plucked and sucked. He looks like a guy who has lived a lot of life in his 58 years. That life has led him through four marriages and four divorces too. And Sean is about to marry for a fifth time, to the lady on his arm in these photos.

He may have four failed marriages behind him but that won’t stop Game Of Thrones star Sean Bean taking the plunge for a fifth time. The actor, 58, will marry Ashley Moore in Somerset this summer.

‘I wasn’t planning on getting married again, but then I wasn’t planning on meeting someone as amazing as Ashley,’ he tells me. ‘I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I went searching for Ashley Moore’s age, because in these photos, they look like a handsome and somewhat age-appropriate couple. Like, I thought Bean is in his 50s and Ashley is in her 40s. But no! In January 2015, Ashley was described as “29 years old.” Which makes her 31 years old now, probably. If you were 31, would you marry a 58-year-old? When I was 31, I would not have married any old 58-year-old, but I would have married Sean Bean, so… maybe. They’ve been engaged for a few years too, so this isn’t some fly-by-night thing. Although Ashley better be careful because… would you marry a guy who had been divorced FOUR TIMES already? Something is wrong there, but here’s hoping. (Also: I enjoy the fact that Sean Bean is in love with a big, tall, curvy woman.)

The Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards held at the BFI Southbank

Photos courtesy of WENN.