“The best-case scenario [in terms of the Trump-Russia investigation] is that the executive branch gets harassed by the legislative branch,” says Reason Editor at Large Matt Welch. “Let’s have more investigations because [members of] the executive branch have too much damn power, and they should be forced to explain themselves more fully.”

On today’s episode of the Reason Podcast, Welch joins fellow Reason editors Nick Gillespie and Katherine Mangu-Ward to discuss Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey (“is this the moment where the wheels come off 20th century political institutions?”); how Trump is reshaping the conservative movement; whether the Rock has a shot at becoming our 46th president (“the logical conclusion of the increasingly empty vessels in which we pour our hopes and dreams”); Jeff Sessions’ terrifying decision to re-escalate the drug war (is the attorney general “the only person in Washington who knows what he wants?”); and the petty tyranny of the latest vaping crackdown in Austin and Laguna Beach (“getting fined for walking down a public sidewalk and breathing out”).

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Photo by John Cena (Creative Commons).