Everyone was looking forward to last night’s Saturday Night Live because Melissa McCarthy was the host. We knew that she would make her grand return as Sean Spicer, especially given the past week of absolutely insane shenanigans from the Trump administration. “Shenanigans” being my light euphemism for “treason, obstruction of justice, money laundering and America’s steady decline into a banana republic with an unhinged dictator.” Thankfully, Alec Baldwin also made some special appearances as Emperor Bigly. SNL spoofed Trump’s interview with NBC News for the cold open. Bonus: Paul Ryan as the guy brings Bigly’s two scoops of ice cream.

Melissa’s opening monologue, which wasn’t political at all. It was just about Mother’s Day and she showed an audience member around the backstage. Cameos by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Here’s Melissa as Spicey. This made me laugh a few times but… I also want to say, I have no interest in feeling sorry for Spicey. He is NOT a sympathetic figure. He will be known as a cog in Trump’s ministry of propaganda. Do not feel sorry for him even if Melissa tries to show you the softer, less rage-yelling side of Spicey.

This was just a funny bit mocking these kinds of actress-panel discussions.

Weekend Update – this is just the first part because the second part kind of sucked. This is just a summary of all of the insanity that went down this week.

And finally, here’s Melissa’s final call where Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin inducting Melissa into the “five-timers club,” as in she’s hosted five times now. Alec Baldwin has been on SNL so many times, I don’t know if they’ve even kept count.


Photos courtesy of Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC/SNL and screencap from SNL.