Meet PassengerShaming: an entertaining yet wildly revolting Instagram account full of photos which will remind you that human beings, though we’ve come so far, are truly incapable of functioning on airplanes. If these photos don’t make you hate flying AND people, absolutely nothing will.

1. Ma’am, your footprints are going to ruin the television screen.

2. Somebody became a feminist mid-flight.

3. A+ for effort.

4. Totally normal way to sit on an airplane!

5. Why, though?

6. Unacceptable.

7. When nothing makes sense, so you just do whatever.

8. I’d sue her.

9. When you get the dingle in your pingle, sometimes ya gotta wingle.

10. I don’t have words. Where are her friends? Who is she? Who did this?

11. “Ladies and gentleman, if anybody’s interested once the pilot turns off the ‘fasten your seatbelt’ sign, there is an octopus up front for your viewing pleasure.”

12. “Hello, this is your pilot speaking. Can the lovely ladies in row 21 please put the giant inflatable dick down? It poses a risk to our fellow passengers. Thanks again, and welcome aboard.”


14. I love this woman very, very much, and it would be an honor to breathe the same recycled, contaminated oxygen as her on an airplane.

15. The culprit behind this mess should be put in prison for the remainder of their existence.

16. I’m going to go ahead and say it was her time of the month and she had to get into fetal position. But still, no—you’re on an airplane.

17. In what world is this type of behavior acceptable?

18. What is possibly being done in this position?

19. Again, no words.

20. This woman is a threat to society.

21. Same.

22. And again, no words.

23. When you’re hot, you’re hot.

24. Interesting.

25. That’s one way to preserve your hairdo.

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