Us trying to sing along and pretend we knew every single word when Gaga debuted ‘The Cure’ out of nowhere.…

— Roman | Lady Gaga (@MisterBroRo)

Katy Perry leaving #GagaCoachella early to go redo her album when she heard #TheCure

— #TheCure (@ijermi)

@PopCrave @ladygaga I’d like to thank you Jay-Z for not using the condom and getting Beyoncé pregnant so Gaga could…

— Lady Gaga (@gagassupports)

Me and my girlies bopping to The Cure by Lady Gaga!

— Stefani (@unholycrucifix)

Madonna fans trying to think of what song The Cure sounds like

— Lady Gaga ♡ (@GagaNewsShade)

The Cure talking to Chained To The Rhythm. 😩

— Shady Music Facts (@TheShadyFacts)

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