I’ve already talked about how terrible it felt to watch the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year. It mostly felt terrible because of the political situation, in that Donald Trump loves the Patriots, loves Tom Brady, loves Robert Kraft and loves Bill Belichick. He loves them because they are “winners,” and they love him because… who knows? So, the Patriots became the preferred team of white supremacists and the whole thing felt icky. After the Pats won, several Patriots stepped up and said that they had zero interest in going to the Trump White House. Tom Brady – a Trump supporter and friend – tried to make everything seem like it was super-apolitical, but then again… he refused to the go the White House when Obama was in office.

In the end, the Patriots did go to the White House, only several teammates did skip out. Tom Brady was one of them! Brady issued a statement ahead of the Pats’ visit, saying:

“I am so happy and excited that our team is being honored at the White House today. Our team has accomplished something very special that we are all proud of and will be for years to come. Thank you to the President for hosting his honorary celebration and for supporting our team for as long as I can remember. In light of some recent developments, I am unable to attend today’s ceremony, as I am attending to some personal family matters. Hopefully, if we accomplish the goal of winning a championship in the future years, we will [be] back on the South Lawn again soon. Have a great day!”

[Via Us Weekly]

Brady’s mother is battling cancer, so he legitimately has some family stuff he’s dealing with. Then again, he’s the co-chair of this year’s Met Gala and I bet he won’t cancel on that. My guess is that someone told him he should not be in any more photos with Agent Orange.

Guess who did come out to the White House? GRONK. He even interrupted Sean Spicer’s briefing.

Also: this Patriots gathering was not as BIGLY as Obama’s Patriots gathering. *chuckle*

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