“Fancy” is one of the gayest songs, regardless of genre, of all-time. It should be required listening for all gays.

This song introduced the concept of the “bad boy” into my baby gay life. Tommy, the guy Trisha sings about, seemed hot. Into it.

Oh yes, a feminist anthem. This song made me want to be a better woman (and get a man that liked my shitty cooking).

“Fancy’s” cool cousin. Reba dresses as an old lady in the music video, too.

Many a gay growing up when this song came out imagined leaving their awful hometowns for literally anywhere else. This song is that dream.

Ah, yes. A song every gay can relate to. Never sleep with your ex. End of story.

*Sings into a hairbrush at my friend’s house while wearing one of their shitty Halloween wigs*

Introduced a very important thing, wine, into my life. Actual strawberry wine is too sweet, though. Rosé or bust.

Dear Sara, I am still am waiting for the brown-eyed boy in my future. Find him.

I used to pretend this song was about me even though I was a gross, puffy teen.

Another fuck men song. This is a trend, if you didn’t pick up on that already.

This is dedicated to the straight guy in my 11th grade chemistry class that I thought I could convert lol.

What baby gay doesn’t love a woman with a husky voice and a good story to tell?

This list needed two Dolly Parton songs. It would be against the Gay Gods to not do so. So here’s another. The end.

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